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Business action on the SDGs: Why business still needs to make the big next step

Too many companies are trapped by the ‘curse of materiality’ and aren’t accepting the challenge of change. When the Global Goals were agreed last September, I hailed them as setting “the new, de-facto global standard for businesses to design, measure and … Continue reading

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Big shift towards a new consensus

As the fallout from Brexit continues, there’s growing agreement about the causes but a lack of clarity about what comes next. A clear consensus is emerging around the underlying cause of the Brexit vote. It was less about the specifics of … Continue reading

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Brexit – don’t panic, start reforming

Britain’s referendum result has its roots in long-standing economic unfairness, and it will get worse unless business learns some lessons The shockwaves from the UK’s vote to leave the European Union continue to reverberate around the world. Economists speculate on … Continue reading

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What a waste of business resource!

Corporations spend billions every year on causes and in communities around the world. But a shocking new survey shows they actually know little about the difference it makes. Nowadays everyone agrees that spending shareholder funds in scattergun philanthropy doesn’t make … Continue reading

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The numbers speak for themselves

Where does good decision-making in business come from? Let’s look at the role of data, seek inspiration from Plato, and consider if companies are potentially wasting billions in their community investment. The power of numbers is embedded in modern management…. … Continue reading

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The pink pound points the way

Short-termism in the boardroom doesn’t just damage investors, it hurts us all. Thankfully, the evidence – sometimes from surprising places – shows that doing the right thing does pay off. Here in London, voters are choosing a new mayor as … Continue reading

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The power of purpose

Controversial taxi company, Uber, has just launched a new statement of mission to reposition the business.  They follow in the footsteps of others, but beware of the dangers. Technology is disrupting many businesses.  Enabled by smartphone apps, radical change is … Continue reading

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Sugar tax: the cost of failing to listen

The Financial Times reports that shares in AG Barr, maker of Irn Bru, closed down 2.4% following the UK government’s announcement of a tax on sugar in soft drinks, while Britvic, producer of Robinsons squash, fell 1.3%.  Loss of shareholder … Continue reading

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Managers get it. Do investors?

When owners speak, company bosses tend to listen. So why hasn’t the ethical investment movement had more impact? And now that professional investment managers increasingly understand the issues, will more investors follow? Back in January the UK-based Investment Association published … Continue reading

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Invest or give – what’s the difference?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and ask whether loans or grants are the right approach to getting results for the community.  Last week, the UK social investment bank Big Society Capital published its lending numbers for 2015. The amount going … Continue reading

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