This blog

Why is this blog called “In it together”?

After more than 30 years working across the sectors – variously in accountancy, Parliament, charities, local and regional government, and business large and small, in the UK and internationally, and now on not-for-profit boards – I remain continually amazed…

  • at how little government really understands about business,
  • at how much business arrogantly thinks it does not need government, and
  • at how poor civil society and the voluntary sector are in money terms, yet how rich in human capital, ideas, innovation and inspiration.

I remain convinced that the prize for all of us, if only the sectors could work better together, is immense. This occasional blog is simply my place to keep nagging away at how we can do better.

My focus on business, government and cities reflects my experience – founding a successful business and advising many others, winning elections in London against the odds, and supporting a multiplicity of community causes as a volunteer and in governance roles.

Of course the catch-phrase “we’re all in it together” was famously adopted – and then largely discredited – by Britain’s erstwhile prime minister, David Cameron, to justify the austerity programme back in 2010.

Still, the underlying sentiment remains profoundly right, going way beyond just one government at one point in time. Simply put, we all have just one life to live on this one planet. How good and how fair and how lasting that is depends on decisions we take together.

Surely we can find a better way to rub along – “in it together” – than we’ve managed over the last 30 years.