May Monthly Briefing: Climate Solutions and Positive ImpactBeyond “Net Zero”

This month we look at climate solutions and how to go beyond simplistic “net zero” rhetoric, at a time when public scrutiny of green marketing is escalating. In the US, the Federal Trade Commission is extending public comment for its Green Guide review, while in the UK the Advertising Standards Authority was last week reported to be toughening up its actoo.

One thing is for sure – simply buying carbon offsets is no longer the get-out-of-jail-free card it was once seen as. However, as my colleagues explain, mitigation does still have a role to play, if done right. Given how far we are off achieving net-zero targets, that is welcome news.

The key is to be directly involved in genuine reduction projects, and our guest contributor this month sets out a useful five-step plan for doing that authentically.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget that going beyond net zero should also be about going beyond climate solutions per se, and into the bigger question of how ecosystems can continue to support life on this planet. That takes us to biodiversity, now rising up the agenda for corporate action – we take a quick look at the role rewilding can play. Cue a walk-on part by wildebeest in the Serengeti and beavers in the UK.

And before someone jumps in to say beavers are aquatic beasts, not known for walking, take a break from YouTube cat videos to check out just how smart they can be. Enjoy!

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